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BIO Novelties - 100% Made in Abruzzo

50 Years of History

Our company has very deep and well-established roots in the territory of Scanno (AQ), a jewel of a town located on the borders of the Abruzzo, Lazio and Molise National Park.

Nearly 50 years ago we began our efforts to ensure the continuation of a millennia-old cult that over the centuries has ensured the survival of these Abruzzi territories and its people: pastoralism.

We have 1,500 sheep, 100 goats

and 40 cows.

All our animals are raised on pasture, free range, at 1740 meters above sea level in full respect of natural cycles and are protected by our more than 40 purebred Abruzzese Shepherd dogs.

We are also here to continue to defend the existence of the thriving biodiversity of our mountains, without which we would not have raw materials capable of releasing the most varied scents and flavors.
Gregorio Rotolo
Breeder & Dairyman

Preserves, in oil &

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